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24th April 2014

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I ask myself everyday when I will stop writing about love and heartache. When my creativity will grow in the light of a different direction. Today, I think I realized my answer. When I run out of love to give and misery to feel. Then I froze.

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24th April 2014

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I’ve danced the steps of love it was rather well choreographed, for a boxing match. A tip, love fights dirty.

When I pivoted left, I was met with a right hook in the shape of your lips. As I gathered my composure love didn’t falter, she was never one to show mercy.

Stepping forward she crosses with the first I love you. Connecting squarely on my lung, now every breath sound crackles like a fire, I’m engulfed in heat. You move just like smoke and my vision blurs.

Flurries of first dates, fights and making love. All attached to wrists I would spend a thousand lifetimes caressing. Raising a defense to you isn’t an option as you need to look your opponent straight on. Your eyes buckle my knees with the force of an uppercut.

Somewhere in there an illegal move must have been made, a knee or elbow. A sting of indecision pulsated through every nerve ending. The words I don’t know is cheating. Falling is too soft a word for the sound made when I hit bottom. Hard as rock. Blood glues me to the mat for the ten count. There’s no taste of you.

Looking up through the fog of broken promises evaporating right before my swollen eyes. I see your beautiful leg shift towards me, the wind surrounding it as musical as your laugh. Kicking me out of the ring that was our life. At least there’s no smile on your face.

Someone else glides through the ropes and squares up, all the while I’m only feet away slipping away. Cheeks wet with tears and the impression of your knuckles the only warmth left for my heart.

There are tears in your eyes but you dance anyway, flawless as ever.

— This is only round one.

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24th April 2014


Anonymous asked: Do you have a girlfriend? Or a crush?

I do not have the honor of a girlfriend, no. You can I have a crush though. :)

24th April 2014

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To all of my snapchat friends. Yes, I know I should wear a shirt more often. No, I’m not sorry and will not confirm to your outdated ideals.

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24th April 2014

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24th April 2014

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When Dean Ambrose Snaps His FIngers


When Dean Ambrose Snaps His FIngers

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24th April 2014

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Well. That was one of the quickest character developments I’ve seen…

Are you seriously telling me that all that villainous squinting and peering about is because he’s meant to be wearing glasses

because that’s amazing

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24th April 2014

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Poe’s Law: That moment when a Fox Business commentator sounds just like a Disney villain.

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24th April 2014

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